Lakeshore Roller World Rebrand Project
For this project I will be rebranding Lakeshore Roller World, a small private owned roller rink in Stevensville, MI. I will be creating a new logo for the rink as well as potential interior and external signage. My goal is freshen up their social media pages and current promotional material in order to increase business and exposure.
This is Lakeshore's current logo, website, and social media presence. I want to create a look that is appealing to skaters of all ages and attracts people to visit the rink. A logo that is fresh and encapsulates the lively and community based culture of the rink is the first step to the rebrand.
Here is a mind map that I drew out pinpointing some of Lakeshore's positive existing qualities, pinch points, potential solutions to the pinch points, and some visual ideas for the logo. 
I created a mood board for the overall theme I want to go for. Something that can encapsulate the history and culture of roller skating as well as adding a modern touch to the branding. 
This is the mood board i created for logo inspiration. I was looking at some existing roller rink logos and the imagery and fonts they were using to get a feel for what has already been done. Since the rink is called "Lakeshore Roller World" I thought it would be interesting to try and include an outer space element such as a planet or stars. Overall I want the logo to be simple and exciting. 
These are some rough sketches for the logo. I was playing around with having some of the outer space elements as well as actual roller skates. Since the name is so long, it's been leaning more towards a horizontal format. I want the logo to be pretty flexible and look good as a social media profile picture as well as be formatted for signage and promo material. 
These are some digital versions of some of my sketch concepts. I was playing with different typeface combinations as well as some imagery for the logo. I'm not quite sure what colors I want to use yet so I just stuck with a plain color scheme for now. 
Here are some more digital concepts of the potential logo. I had been working to create my own roller skate icon to use with the text, but after playing with it for a couple hours I realized that I liked the text just by itself without the icon attached to it. I still wanted the brand to have some sort of singular icon apart from the long text, so i started playing with the cursive L and creating a skate out of that.
Over the weekend I drove to Michigan to visit the rink with two of my friends who are collaborating with me on this project, and shot some photos and videos at the rink. I will be using the photos to mock up some social media pages and advertisements

I sampled some colors from the photoshoot to see if I could use them for the brand. I wanted colors that were relevant to the atmosphere and location of the rink. I also wanted to stray away from the typical bright and neon colors that rinks usually use for their interior and choose something a little more neutral but still brings that pop of color.
I knew that I wanted to use blue as one of the main brand colors because its so prevalent in the rink itself. The exterior of the rink is a bright blue two tone color. The interior of the rink is a navy and baby blue color block all the way around. So I chose two different blue colors, the bright one from the exterior and darker one from the inside of the rink. I wanted a third color to brighten up the palette, and since the rink is in Michigan I thought it would make sense to add a yellow since Michigan's colors are blue and yellow. 
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